martes, 7 de junio de 2011

The last session blog! =)

My point of view...

My personal experience with the english class and its blog sessions has been nice, interesting and helpful. At first, I thought I could never be able to learn english because it's very difficult and I didn't have a good level of english during high school.

However, this english course has a new learning methodology, which makes it easier to write, read and translate into english. Because of this, I have felt more comfortable within the class, especially when writing, but still I feel ashamed when talking in front of the class, because I don't think I have a good pronunciation. I think that will get better as the time passes by. I hope I can travel abroad soon, so I can learn more.

Blog sessions have helped me a lot to know more words and have a more extended vocabulary, this is really helpful when we have to read articles or books for the university or whatever. The bad thing about these blog sessions might be that we only practise the reading and writing part, when there are other areas that are important too: like speaking and listening. But we do that on Monday classes, when we try to speak in front of the whole class. This way, both classes complement each other turning them both into an only integral class. Lastly, I think that students should propose their own topics for their blogs, to make them participate, and let them write about what they think it's interesting and that is COOL! 

martes, 17 de mayo de 2011


Is very difficult choose just one picture that I like, because I really like the art of the photography.  The works of the other people such professional photographer or make a photo for myself.
This picture is one of my favorites of this year. I made this photo on February when I was enjoying my holidays with my family. We were traveling on the South of Chile. And that moment was on the Villarica Lake, which is a place that I like because you can see the volcano and the lake and that is so beautiful.
The girl that appears on the quay is one of my sisters (we are 4 sisters). She’s Paula and she’s seventeen years old. Paula is a very important person on my life and she is a sensible person. I think that she’s a special kind of girl and with this picture I can show that because is a contemplative image, such a panoramic view to the unknown horizon, just like she is.
All the while staring with her beautiful eyes. And you never can discover why or what is she looking for. But I know that she can see other places and fell so different to the other people. She can find you and know what happen just with a look.
She’s my little sister and this picture was a gift for her, or maybe was intent to discover something of Paula, maybe was a gift to me too.  =)

martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

One of the best days of my life...

One of The best days of my life was when I went to Machupichu and I climbed to the top of Wainapichu with my boyfriend, Antonio.

I was 18 and had just finished school.  That  was the first time I went abroad without my parents and I felt so good with that because they trusted me.
Well... that trip was a reward because I worked during December and January to raise the money.

But the better day of that trip was when after 3 days walking trought the jungle and several hours go climbing we arrived to Machupichu and later we climb again but this time to Wainapichu Mountain. That was a defiance to me because I’m not a sportswoman and I smoke a lot, but I really thought that I can do that and I did it.
When we arrived with our friends ( that we just meet on the way ) we start to take a lot of pictures and we were really happy and excited. Still I have the pictures in my bedroom to remember that great day.

After all that we went to thermal baths called Aguas Calientes and we had a break for comfort before drink beers with our new friends and have a nice conversation about ours different way to arrive to Perú. That was an unforgettable moment.

Finally we returned to Chile with a lot of stories to tell.  
That was a great trip!

martes, 3 de mayo de 2011

My Ipod

My favorite piece of technology is my Ipod. This is a portable music player, is small and practical (useful). I like it because I can listen my favorite music all time and in this way I don’t get bored during my trip to university or to other places of Santiago. I really thanks for this because I live so far away and when I trip to everywhere it take it at least around one hour. Sometimes I can sit on the bus, in this case I can study during my trip, but generally I can’t, and listen music help to arrive happy to my destiny. 

My father gave me this Ipod on Christmas, around four years ago. He said that it was the latest fashion for that season, for that reason I had to be careful with that, but today my Ipod is very old, because the technology is changing everyday. That is the great business´s Corporation! Wherever I still enjoy my old player music and I don’t need change it.

My life without this piece of technology could be so bored. I think that I can’t stand the longer trips without the happiness that give me the songs of The Beatles everyday in the morning.

martes, 5 de abril de 2011


Write about a career-related website that you enjoy visiting.

Flickr is a website about Phptpgraphy and I use it to show at the other people my pictures of travels and some places like Santiago city or Viña del Mar.
This is my Flickr website: . Here you can explore the following sections.

The Gallery Pictures: This section is to upload your photos and show at the other people that visit your website. You can choose if all people can see you Gallery or just some people that you decide.
Presentation is an option to show your pictures in an animation sequence
Profile is a section to write about yourself, your preferences and it is to meet other people that like photography.
Expo:  With this option you can create an exhibition with the pictures that you believe are the best of your website. In this way you can show your job to all people and Flickr can choose your Expo and show it in the principal page to other people can see it.
Album: is a section where you can to gather pictures that have something in common.
I visit this web once at week. I like Flickr because Im an amateur photographer and here I can show my pictures and too I can see others pictures and I can learn new ways to create a nice picture.